The main goal of the National Teaching Training College is based on the management of social and pensionable services from the members of the system. For the granting of benefits under the law and as an entity of public rights, independent, own equity, and it is empowered for undefined amount of time for the management, and investment of the economic resources. In this way, the income of contributions and quotes must be invested at an average rate of profitable investment to produce financial products that allows sustainability and capitalization of funds.


Be a solid, social pension model Institution in Honduras, warrantor of a solid, reliable and innovative system.


We are a Honduran social pension teaching training college, that offers social benefits, financial and social services to members and beneficiaries, aimed for the improvement and strengthening of the creditworthy equity of the institution.


  • 1970


    In need of the existence of a national organization that ensures the needs for protection of the elder, disabled, injured and death case of the professors in active service and for the retired and pensioned the continued retirement and pension, it is created under the act No. 84 in December 10th 1970 the National Institution of Retirees and Pensioned of the Teaching Training College. (INPREMA – Spanish acronym).

  • 1971
    Start of Operations

    The institution starts its operations in July 1st 1971, granting retire and pension benefits for disabled and life insurance for its members. 

  • 1973
    Loans Department

    In the year 1973 benefits department was created, starting with the personal loans, in the year 1978 homeowner’s loans started.

  • 2015


    In July 15th 1980 the Republic’s National Congress issued an act No. 1026, through which the back then INJUPEM, became what is today known as National Institution of Teacher Training College INPREMA – Spanish acronym, incorporating modern and dynamic values of social rights broader concepts of social security as intrinsic rights of the human beings.    


Nessy Martinez

Lic. Nessy Eldénida Martínez 

Specialist Director

Lic. Emilio Carías

Lic. Ernesto Emilio Carías

President Director

Lic. César Giovany Guifarro

Specialist Director