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The National Teachers’ Forecasting Institute (INPREMA) once again achieved a 100% qualification in the evaluation of transparency portals carried out every six months by the Institute of Access to Public Information (IAIP) and the second place for participation in a Event of committees of probity and ethics organized by the Superior Court of Accounts (TSC). 100% Transparency according to the IAIP.


A culture of transparency in social, administrative and financial management is characteristic of INPREMA’s institutional performance, in accordance with the laws and regulations, including aspects of human talent, budget execution, organizational structure, bidding, procurement and contracting, among others.


This, through the permanent rendering of accounts and information to the National Commission of Banks and Insurance (CNBS), Superior Court of Accounts (TSC), General Coordination Secretariat of Government, Ministry of Finance, National Office of Integral Development (ONADICI) and the Institute of Access to Public Information (IAIP), as well as the participants of the system and citizens in general, through the transparency portal and web page.


This has allowed the periodic evaluations to project positive results, so that the recent recognition obtained by the fulfillment of the publication of the ex officio information was reached.


Prize for institutional values


The proven solidity and reliability of INPREMA is forged every day, using as a premise the application of its institutional values: Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Equity and Quality in the Service, which are the force that drives the achievement of results and goals.


Thus, the application and observance of these values imply a sense of commitment and loyalty among those who make up the Institute’s planning, management and administration bodies, as well as officials and employees, for the benefit of the participants in the system.


Thanks to this, the TSC awarded the prize to the second place for outstanding work, commitment and performance in the transformation of a more ethical and transparent government management, based on quality and excellence.


INPREMA you are, we are all!

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