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About 8,500 retired teachers received health care throughout this year, thanks to the recruitment of doctors and the development of national health brigades by the National Institute for Forecasting Teachers (INPREMA). The Institute for Teacher Education has 31 doctors nationwide, in the branches of general medicine, internal medicine and dentistry; Who offer permanent consultations to retirees and pensioners.


Also, 13 health brigades were developed in the cities of: Tegucigalpa, Santa Bárbara, Choluteca, La Paz, Comayagua, La Esperanza, Santa Rosa de Copán, Gracias, La Ceiba, Tocoa, San Pedro Sula and El Progreso. To this end, there are strategic alliances, agreements and cooperation of several entities of the public and private sector, who offer specialized services and free medicines for the beneficiaries.

These brigades offer general medicine consultations; Ophthalmology and optometry; Dermatology, dentistry; Laboratory tests and bone densitometry; Cytology and pre-emptive medicine talks. Added to this and with the collaboration of aesthetic academies, beauty and hygiene care is offered, as part of the promotion of self-esteem in the elderly.


With the recruitment of physicians at the national level, a new modality has been implemented that consists in the delivery of talks to groups of teachers with chronic diseases; As well as diabetes, hypertension, mixed dyslipidemia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and pulmonary diseases. The above in order that these groups learn to coexist with their illness and acquire good habits that guarantee them a better quality of life.

The Directory of Specialists of INPREMA has shown special interest in offering comprehensive care to retirees and pensioners, through permanent programs, as part of the strategic plan and focused on continuous improvement.


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