Personal Loans

With a single long-term personal credit and with the lowest interest and fees.

Get your Re-Financing with the best conditions, quickly and conveniently.


A faster loan, with simple requirements, up to 6 months installments and it doesn’t require a guarantor.

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Loan with collateral (this financial service applies only to private sector affiliates).

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Catch up on your credit with this innovative financial services.

Mortgage Loans

Get a house or a property

Get a house or a property through financing from INPREMA, with the best interest rates and with the most convenient installments.

Access the best loan with the best conditions for lien release.

Perfect for the improvement, extension or remodeling of your home.

The best alternative for the construction of your home.

Pension Savings Account

Direct, secure, cost-effective, no administrative charges, no additional deductions and you get great benefits like: life insurance, health or long-term savings.